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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Laurel Prize

What is Laurel Prize?

Laurel Prize is an Arts and Sciences display sponsored and organised by members of the order of the laurel. It is designed for non-laurel artists and artisans throughout the kingdom to display their works to members of the order and also to members of the populace.

Laurel Prize is not a competition and isn't part of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition, but a high standard of entries is usually obtained each year and all members of the order make their best effort to view what is on display, read any documentation presented, and carefully evaluate the standard of work shown. Members of the order may make comments and give feedback to the artisans presenting their work, and also award small prizes of their own choosing to works that particularly impress them.

It is one of the highest focus annual arts and sciences events in the Kingdom. We like to consider it the A&S equivalent of Rowany Festival's Fighter Auction Tourney.

Where is Laurel Prize held?

There is an annual Laurel Prize held at Rowany Festival each year. This is generally speaking the largest of the Laurel Prizes held throughout the Kingdom. Other groups have in the past organised either a Laurel Prize or an A&S display similar to a Laurel Prize, this is not discouraged, however generally speaking when people say "Laurel Prize" without specifying any particular event then you can assume they are talking about the Laurel Prize held at festival.

Who is allowed to enter the Laurel Prize? Is it only for Laurels?

Any member of the populace who is not a laurel may enter the Laurel Prize. It is not for laurels to enter, it is only for non-laurels.

Who judges the entries for Laurel Prize?

The Laurel Prize is not a competition and there is no formal judging nor are entries awarded a score.

How is the winner of the Laurel Prize determined? How are prizes awarded?

The Laurel Prize is not a competition and there are no winners. In the first hour after the Laurel Prize opens, the entrants display their entries along with any documentation, and members of the order of the laurel wander about the entries and award prizes to any entries that they choose to. These prizes are normally small tokens meant for encouragement either hand-made or purchased by the laurel who awards them. They are not meant to be of any specific value, they are just small tokens just like a tassel you might win for entering a chivalric tournament.

After the first hour, other members of the populace are invited to view the display of entries that have been made for the laurel prize. This is similar to entries that are made at an A&S competition at a crown event, with judging done by judges chosen prior to the event and entries made available for the populace to view during and after the judging.

Do I Get Laurelled?

No, not just for entering the display.

Does my entry for Laurel Prize count towards the Annual Kingdom A&S competition?

No, it does not.

Does my entry have to be finished to enter it in to Laurel Prize?

No, it does not. Laurels quite enjoy seeing your work in progress.

Do you have to attend Rowany Festival to enter Laurel Prize?

If you are entering the Laurel Prize it is best if you can attend festival to answer any questions that laurels may have about your work. However if you are unable to attend then please feel free to send your work with another person to display on your behalf, and perhaps include some extra explanatory notes for laurels to read if the person you are sending your work with is unable to answer questions in detail.

If you are entering the research and documentation competition, then be aware that prize announcement will be done during court at festival, however you do not need to attend festival to enter. You may submit your entry on line, and if you win the prize then we will find someone from your local group or nearby to return the prize to you.

Research and Documentation Competition

For several years, beginning in 2012, there was a separate competition in addition to the Laurel Prize, for research and documentation. It was a competition, and there was a winner. However, this competition has not run in for some time.

We hope this competition will be offered in a new format in the near future. More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.