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Master Delbert von Strassburg

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Personal Information

Delbert von Stra├čburg is an SCA persona currently residing in the Barony of Rowany (Sydney, NSW, Australia) in the Kingdom of Lochac. Previously I have resided in the Baronies of Stormhold (Melbourne, VIC); Southron Gaard (Christchurch, NZ); and Aneala (Perth, WA).

I do a lot of Renaissance Dance -- I spend time talking to a few of the on-line experts like Justin du Couer, Miklos, She'erah (previously known as Ellisif), Rosina del Bosco Chiaro (who doesn't have a home page), Greg Lindahl who happens also to have his own music and dance page as well as a big collection of images from Arbeau and Caroso, or Mustafa (Russell Almond) who has a web site of Early Dance music that is free for use in the SCA.

I have an on-line dance book, here. If you want a printed copy then you can order one from the Mainly Medieval web store. Mainly Medieval also have copies of the 5 CD set of dance music that I assembled some years ago (this is only available for shipping in Australia and New Zealand).

Major fields: 
Master Del was made a laurel at the Caroso Ball at Rowany festival, AS XXX (31 March 1997).
Current apprentices: 
Helen Wentworth (St Florian de la Riviere), Emma of Wolvercote (Southron Gaard), Dareios the Vigilant (Mordenvale, more or less) Darius the Dancer (Ealdormere), Medb ni Iaschata (Rowany).
Past apprentices: 
AEmilia of Syracuse (retired), Sybille la Chatte (OL), Marie de Lyon (OL), Joan Sutton (OL), Katherine Weyssin (for 45 minutes, OL).
Current interests: 
Sailing, revelry, gardening (15th C English and other European), card games, board games, cooking (campsite and campaign cooking including preserved meat recipes), story crafting, not being attacked by pirates.
Current group: 
Argent, two eagles displayed sable between two bars gemel purpure.
Current level of activity: