Welcome to the Web Page of the Laurels of Lochac

Here is Everything You Wanted to Know About Us But Didn't Know Who to Ask.

This page is designed to provide useful knowledge about us -- the Laurels of Lochac -- and the Order in general.

You can meet us as individuals and see what our special fields are: not only what we were made Peers for, but our current interests as well (our work doesn't stop the minute we get that wreath, you know.

You can check who your closest Laurels are, so you can ask for help or information on projects (even if we cannot help you ourselves, we can usually refer you to someone else who can). You can learn what we actually do as Peers; how Laurels are chosen; the sort of things we discuss in Peerage meetings; and how Laurel-apprentice relationships work. The clerk of the Order of the Laurel is Mistress Tailltiu Ghoirt Ruiadh.  Please contact her if you wish to send a message to the Order.

Lochac is one of the Kingdoms in the SCA, a medieval-style social and educational group.