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Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

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Personal Information

Rowan was born of an English father (hence the name) and German mother in and was raised in Germany. She married early and, after her husband's early demise, managed his lands for many years. These days she pursues her studies and interests and the company of like-minded companions.

Major fields: 
Costume, Calligraphy and Illumination, Dance
Mistress Rowan was one of the first two Laurels made in Lochac (the other was Madelaine de Bourgogne). She was laureled at the Rowany Festival on Apr 14, AS XVIII (1984) by William and Joanne.
Current apprentices: 
Lady Blanca Gutierrez de Avila (costume), Lady Felicia ad Aquam (cooking)
Past apprentices: 
Master Maelgwyn ap Gwillym, Mistress Bess Haddon of York, Mistress Cristia ni Cairbre O Callanain, , Lord Jan of Gent, Mistress Marienna Jensdatter, Lady Linnet of Lyddington,
Current interests: 
Her interests these days are: Costume (especially early 16th century German and male Elizabethan) and accessories (hats, shoes, pouches, etc) embroidery, puppets, period camping, and cooking. Currently Master of the Worshipful Company of Broderers. She also enjoys dance, music, scribal arts and anything else which looks interesting...
Current group: 
Vert, in fess three cinquefoils, a bordure embattled argent
Current level of activity: