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Mistress Anne de Tournai

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Personal Information

Anne is a 15th century minor noblewoman living in Tournai in the Duchy of Burgundy. A comfortable widow woman, Anne manages her estates and pursues her studies and interests in the company of like-minded individuals.

Major fields: 
Medieval Mustards (Major), Period cooking and feasting (Minor)
Elevated at Fields of Gold VIII on 1 December 2018 by Kinggiyadai Khagan and Altani Khaligu Yeke Khatun of Lochac
Current interests: 
Anne is passionate about medieval mustards, feasting and feast management. She wrote a book on feast management ( which she recommends to anyone wanting to run good feast kitchens.
Current group: 
Gules, three seebl├Ątter and a chief engrailed Or
Current level of activity: