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Mistress Myfanwy ferch Dafydd

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Personal Information

Migrated from Wales, UK, in 1964 and my father still conciders it the best 10 quid he's ever spent. Landed in Adelaide and, while I have travelled extensively, I still profer it to any other Australian city. Worked at the Aust. Tax Office from 74 - 91 and have been self employed most of the time since.

Major fields: 
Costuming, with secondary interests in needlework and subtelties
Mistress Myfanwy was made a Laurel at the Rowany Festival in ASXXIII (1989) by King Geofrey & Queen Kira.
Current interests: 
Sewing (believe it or not!) Now working from home with Dragon's Blood Creations in Valley View SA. I design and make gothic and medieval style garments and we specialise in victorian corsets and bridal wear.
Current group: 
Per bend sinister azure and argent, ermined azure, in chief a dragon rampant to sinister argent
Current level of activity: 
Occasionally Active