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Meisterin/Mistress Ursula von Memmingen

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Personal Information

Major fields: 
Dress - more specifically, late fifteenth and early sixteenth century Swabian and Bavarian styles
Elevated at La Prova Dura III (aka La Prova Teary) on 29 August 2015, by King Steffan and Queen Branwen.
Current apprentices: 
Lady Trica Ludwig (Fern Bartel)
Past apprentices: 
Current interests: 
All aspects of dress relating to late 15th and early 16th century German attire (especially Swabian and Bavarian), including the clothing, accessories, headwear, jewellery etc - all the details that go together to give the 'right look'. Different construction theories relating to late 15th century Swabian women's attire, with an extra focus on headwear and anything with shiny, shiny spangles (such as flinderhauben and other excessive headwear). Other areas of interest in relation to dress include women's 16th century Persian and Ottoman styles, and 1st-4th century CE Roman styles. In addition to this, I have an interest in leatherwork; in particular, the creation of smaller personal (pouches, garters, belts etc) and domestic items, and textile arts; including embroidery, weaving of narrow wares and trims, dyes and bobbin lace. Not to mention anything else shiny and interesting that is waved underneath my nose...
Current group: 
Barry Or and sable, on a chief gules, three bees Or.
Current level of activity: