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Master or Papi Rurik farserkr

Master or Papi Rurik farserkr's picture

Personal Information

Major fields: 
Spring War 2014 by Niáll and Liadan
Current apprentices: 
Brigid ;Ragnhildr Skegglaus
Past apprentices: 
Master Bjorn Saemundarson and Master Angus (not really but I will claim what I can, full disclosure he taught me more than I taught him).
Current interests: 
Helping his apprentices do their thing and trying to learn to sew. However real life is full on at the moment so I am not as active as I would like to be. Rurik is also proudly a former member of the College of St Crispin's.
Current group: 
Gules, on a fess cotised Or a cross of Jerusalem sable.
Current level of activity: 
Occasionally Active