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Duke Sir Master Alaric of Bangor

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Personal Information

aka The Jolly Duke of Drachenwald.

25th Prince of Lochac, 3rd King of Lochac, 29th King of Drachenwald and Last Viceroy of Insulae Draconis.

Duke Sir Master Alaric of Bangor is a loyal supporter of Richard III, and has been keeping a low profile since the demise of Good King Richard.

Major fields: 
Roman cooking (Primary), Medieval cooking (Secondary)
Elevated at Yule Ball in Drachenwald on the 4th Dec 2010 by King Ulfr and Queen Caoimhe
Current apprentices: 
Edith of Hedingham (Drachenwald)
Current interests: 
SCA heavy combat, brewing, dancing, cooking, and chest bed construction / woodwork.
Current group: 
Saint Florian de la Riviere
Per bend sinister vert and sable, a griffin sejant erect sustaining a sword proper Or
Current level of activity: