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Maestra Tailltiu ghoirt ruaidh

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Personal Information

I'm not usually as fancily dressed as my photograph might have you believe... There is no paint on the cuffs of those sleeves or ink under my fingernails which is unusual.
I originate from the isolated green oasis at the centre of mainland Lochac where no Shire or Canton has ever, to my knowledge, manifested. I had my membership card hot in hand prior moving to Mordenvale for mundane-life University and long before I met a single SCAdian. I have been playing in the SCA since 2007 but first tasted the sweet ambrosia of historical re-enactment with a couple of Irish metal weapons groups while living over there in 2002.

In 2011 I created my first scratch-made peerage award scroll and have been producing them on a regular basis ever since. I currently work with modern materials and equipment, being more focused on the design and execution of scrolls rather than period methodology. It is something I have investigated but not yet much experimented with. I have explored a variety of styles from different periods and locations so far and will continue to do so.

I tend to run basic illumination/drawing classes at events and am usually ready to chat at the drop of a hat about different techniques, colour mixing, paper surfaces, brush characteristics, animal anatomy, adaptation of composition,... et al etc. Also about Tea.

My heraldry refers to my tendency to bite off more than I think I can chew - and then somehow pull it off. I tend to depict the Kingfisher at about half the size shown in the accompanying image. It also refers to hunting the salmon of wisdom from Irish mythology and the kingfisher as Halcyon bird - a creature of summer (I don't do well in the cold).
IRL I am a professional illustrator, my work can be seen on the website below - View the "Other Genre > Illumination" section for my SCA scrolls.

Major fields: 
Illumination and Calligraphy
Spring War, 5th October 2014 by King Neil II and Queen Liadan II
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What I'm rather good at: Illumination & illustration, spinning and knitting (non-period), Other areas of interest in which I dabble in but do not yet count myself proficient: calligraphy, equestrian, zoology, botany, book binding, archery, weaving
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Per fess engrailed Or and azure, in pale a kingfisher volant wings addorsed azure sustaining a fish in annulo biting its own tail argent.
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