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Mistress or Mu'allima Lilya (Leylii) bint Hizir

Mistress or Mu'allima Lilya (Leylii) bint Hizir's picture

Personal Information

Lilya is one of many children to a very successful Ottoman Admiral. Brought up on stories of her father and uncles adventures and her father’s insistence that she behave as a lady of the court should, has led to Lilya’ s many interests in the Eastern and neighbouring cultures.
She is a member of the Order of the Rose, the Order of the Pelican and a Countess of Lochac.

Her evil powers are: “The Power of Suggestion” and “Pairing students and Peers”.
Her personal motto is: Remember that it is not all about you.

Mundane Description:
Rachel has played for many years in the society and met her husband within the Society. They live happily in Brisbane Queensland with family and friends.

Major fields: 
Construction of Ottoman Court Clothing (Major) and Mamluk Clothing (Minor)
Elevated by Niall and Liadan on 23 November 2013 at An Eastern Affair
Current apprentices: 
Students : Dallán ua Lorccáin,asked Rowany festival 2014. Gregorius Þorvaldson asked June 2015. Kathelyne Berghart asked September 2015.
Current interests: 
Lilya believes that becoming a laurel is the beginning of a new journey where she can encourage others to follow their dreams and build a better understanding of Eastern histories where she can. Lilya in no way believes she is an expert and is willing to learn more about Eastern cultures, embroidery and cooking .She is passionate about encouraging people, to find something that will inspire them to give and get more joy in the Society (every little bit counts). Her goals include spending the ideas of largesse, service and fun.
Current group: 
The Northern Reaches
Per pale azure and gules, a phoenix Or and a bordure embattled argent.
Current level of activity: