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Grim of Thornby

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Personal Information

Grim is an Anglo-Scandinavian maker of locks, padlocks, armour, blades, and other items of metal. He likes to decorate items with etching, inlaying, and stamping. He has been known to work in horn, leather, wood, and bread also.

While blades, and particularly damascus, remain his main passion, he has earned great renown for his studies in the science of security. Locks produced by his hand can be found in all four corners of the known world. Recent changes in the lands has brought more battle into Grim's region, and producing munitions grade armour is currently taking much of his time.

Major fields: 
Bladesmithing, Locksmithing
Elevated at Canterbury Faire AS 48, by King Alfar and Queen Angharat
Current apprentices: 
Thorald Inn SuĂ°reyski
Current interests: 
Damascus blades. Ottoman arms and armour. Viking padlocks. Medieval integral door and coffer locks.
Current group: 
Southron Gaard
Current level of activity: