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Master Michael of Waterford

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Personal Information

Michael joined the SCA in about 1992 and attended his first Rowany wearing a red tabard in the days when Riverhaven was the only Barony of the North. He was part of HeyNonny when it was formed and some time later took a green belt from his old friend Mistress Constanzia. Michael has always been a member of Ventbarre fighting household and is now squire to Sir Sebastian of Ventbarre.

Major fields: 
Conducting and composition
Laurel given by Alfar I and Elspeth I, on 3 August 2002, at Great Northern War.
Current interests: 
My current interest in the realm of music is late period broken consort and accompanied vocal. ..... I wouldn't mind looking into making an instrument at some stage.
Current group: 
Saint Florian de la Riviere
Current level of activity: