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Mistress Katherina Weyssin von Regenspurk

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Personal Information

Katherina's first SCA event was Innilgard's tenth-anniversary feast. She was hooked as soon as she started playing dance music, and so spent the next several years doing scurrilous things with the College of Blessed Herman, and not studying enough. She has since lived in Trimaris and the Midrealm, and is now settled in Ildhafn. She doesn't have a settled persona because everything is interesting, and she is easily distracted. She was apprenticed to Master Delbert for nearly an hour in AS XXXXI. Her husband, Ludwig, will sometimes dance Lavolta with her, but only if she asks nicely and promises to go to sleep at least once at the next Canterbury Faire.

Major fields: 
Katherina was made a laurel by Queen Gudrun at the Caroso Ball at Rowany Festival in AS XXXXI (2007)
Current apprentices: 
Anna de Wilde
Past apprentices: 
William de Wyke
Current interests: 
<p>Dance! Also music, theatre, pronunciation and language-change (especially in English and Latin), clothes, assorted textiley stuff (spinning, knitting, netting, braiding).</p> <p>I'm interested in finding ways to make the show-offey improvised dances of the renaissance (galliards, canaries, passamezzi, gavotes, pavaniglie etc) easier for SCA dancers to learn and use. Also in combining music and theatre and dancing in interesting events. I'd like to play more instrumental music again, and I'm trying (slowly) to learn the lute.</p>
Current group: 
Gules, and dance argent cotised or
Current level of activity: