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Mistress Leoba of Lecelade

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Personal Information

Leoba is the natural (ie illegitimate) but acknowledged daughter of Siward Beorn the Elder, one of eleventh century England's most wealthy men. She is a widow, having been married to one of her father's trusted thegns, Aldred, who managed the manor of Lecelade, in the heartland of Wessex. Together Aldred and Leoba made Lecelade one of the wealthiest manors in England. She now effectively manages the estate on behalf of her brother Siward, and is not inclined to remarry. She is an extremely capable steward, and enjoys scandalising some of the higher born but less wealthy ladies of King Edward's court with her silk lined sleeves.

(And yes, I know that is a Roman costume. - Christine)

Major fields: 
Cooking, Anglo Saxon costume
Elevated Spring War AS XIX (October 2013) by Niall I and Liadan I
Current apprentices: 
Marozia moglie di Basilio Bracciolini, Tatianitska Iaroslavna, Torfa svwll Fara
Current interests: 
Cooking, medieval gardens and unusual plants, Anglo-Saxon crafts and culture, Dark Ages textiles, Roman dress and culture, embroidery, glass beads
Current group: 
Current level of activity: