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Master Dafydd of the Glens

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Personal Information

Master Dafydd is an 11th century renegade monk from the Kingdom of Strathclyde whose numerous heresies (notably those dealing with the celibacy of the clergy) led to his expulsion from his order by his enraged abbot, following curious incidents involving a barrel of wine, a crumhorn, a duck and the victuals set aside for the Feast of St Pancras.

The low-water mark of his career was his appointment as court entertainer to Donuil Ban, King of Scots, who later referred to his verses as 'a rancid collation of parboiled rhymes'. In later life he became a devotee of Toirdhealbhach, the god of porridge. His quest for the porridge of his dreams was finally realised by Lady Christia Barret of Rowany, in whose everlasting debt he remains after she introduced him to Athelbrose.

Major fields: 
Choral Work and Entertainment
Master Dafydd was made a Laurel at the Rowany Festival in AS XXVII (1993), by Jade and Shaheena.
Current apprentices: 
Lady Cairistiona nic Bhrainnaguinn (Kingdom of Drachenwald)
Current interests: 
He is a bard, composer, choral conductor, astrologer and versifier, and is usually found in private life playing around with music scores or attempting to repair his armour. He fights with House Saarlands and in whatever other causes seem good to him at the time. He intends, at unspecified times in the future, to do other and even less predictable things.
Current group: 
Per chevron azure and vert a chevron cotised and in chief a mullet of four points argent
Current level of activity: