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Duke Cornelius von Becke, KSCA, OL

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Personal Information

Cornelius joined the society in late 1989 and got drawn into tournament fighting by Master Artos Barefoot, authorising at May Coronet in 1990. Though a great deal of dedication and training in the West Kingdom, Cornelius won his first Coronet Tournament in September 1994, reigning with Morwynna Branwynt from 14th of May AS XXIX (1994) to 3 September AS XXIX (1994)
On the 4th of September, AS XXIX (1994), Their Royal Majesties John and Gabriel did elevate Cornelius von Becke to the Order of Chivalry for his prowess in tournament combat.
Cornelius won two additional Coronet tournaments, ruling as Prince of Lochac with Morwynna from 13 January AS XXX (1996) to 4 May AS XXXI (1996) and again from 16 January AS XXXIV (2000) to 8 July AS XXXV (2000).
On the 31st of March, AS XXXI (1997), Their Royal Majesties Cybi and Victoria did elevate Cornelius von Becke to the Order of the Laurel for his excellence in the field of armouring.
During this time Cornelius worked extensively on developing training systems for beginners and being one of the principle founders of St Florian de la Riviere in Brisbane, QLD.
In 2001 Cornelius moved to Canberra a won Lochac’s second Crown Tournament ruling as King of Lochac with Morwynna Branwynt from 11 January AS XXXVII (2003) to 5 July AS XXXVIII (2003)
On the 5th of July AS XXXVIII (2003), Their Royal Majesties Alaric and Nerissa did elevate Cornelius von Becke to the rank of Count.
Ruled as King of Lochac with Morwynna Branwynt from 2nd of July AS XL (2005) to 7th of January AS XL (2006)
On the 7th of January AS XL (2006), Their Royal Majesties Ædward and Yolande did elevate Cornelius von Becke to the rank of Duke.
In April 2011, Cornelius won his third crown Tournament, fighting for Elizabeth de Foxle.
Since 2010, Cornelius has been primarily focusing on introducing Lochac to the DeGrendelus School of tournament combat, developing a Beginners Combat Course and additional resources for teachers and students. Cornelius continues to promote and teach the tournament arts thought Locahc and has been invited to present seminars in New Zealand, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Major fields: 
Armouring and other combat related stuff
Master Cornelius was laureled at the Rowany Festival in AS XXXI (1997). He is also a knight.
Current apprentices: 
There are some, but they are being slack.
Past apprentices: 
: I have had several students all involved in armouring and combat, most of them have ended up Knights, so not all bad.
Current group: 
Azure, a candle argent lit proper, on a chief argent two hurts
Current level of activity: