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Master Arenwald von Hagenburg

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Personal Information

Joined the SCA in 1985 in Stormhold, where he lived until 1999. Was active in the Barony starting the College of St Cecilia (La Trobe University) and participating in the development of A&S. He has served the Kingdom as West Kingdom Rapier Marshal in 1997 and 1998. A keen fencer, and dancer, Master Arenwald is currently living in Drachenwald.

Major fields: 
Woodwork, armouring, music, costume
Arenwald was made a Laurel by Jade and Siobhann at the Rowany Festival in AS XXVII (1993)
Past apprentices: 
Current interests: 
Metalwork (esp casting in silver and bronze), shoes, stringed musical instruments, 15th century male costume..
Current group: 
Per chevron checky Or and azure, and sable, in base a dragon rampant Or
Current level of activity: