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Duquesa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

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Personal Information

I was born in Zamora in the Kingdom of Castile to a reasonably wealthy family in the early C16th. I maintain a reasonably sized household which involves sending servants out each day to shop for food for it is illegal to hoard. My husband, who is English, constantly complains of this and does not understand why this law is in place. He often tells people that I spend my time spending his money. The cheek of the man! It is necessary to visit the tradesmen each day, even if it is to buy the most trivial things. I often tell my husband, that if we ever live in his country, we shall follow his customs. While he is here, we shall follow mine. My husband also takes me out into the city on occasion, as it is not proper to go out alone. And, for all his complaining, he does spoil me with gifts of fabric and other tokens. I am a very fortunate woman.

Constanzia is also a member of the Order of the Pelican and the Rose.

Constanzia has had a wealth of SCA experience from performing a wide range of officer roles, serving as founding Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere with Gabriel de Beaumont, and serving as Crown of Lochac twice. She has run events, headed teams to make wardrobes for the Crown, Peers or Barons and Baronesses for special occasions. Constanzia is happy to mentor and provide support to a wide range of people who are interested in making the SCA a better place.

Constanzia was laureled in Choral Direction however has had quite a bit of experience in costuming and is able to provide support and advice for a range of periods. (Male and female - though she is much more experienced with later period). She can also embroider, paint, and provide ideas and support on how to make various items for heraldic display and has dabbled in soapstone carving. (Three dimensional items are a little beyond her capacity...) Her leather work is pedestrian and all attempts at woodwork so far have ended up with Constanzia being sent off to make tea.

She is also able to teach classes on a range of service areas and administration.

Major fields: 
Choral direction
Constanzia was laurelled at Midwinter in Rowany in AS XXXII (05/07/1997) and was pelicanned at Rowany Festival ASXXXV (14/04/2001)
Current apprentices: 
Lucia Littlefaire, Gabriella Borromei,
Past apprentices: 
Master Michael of Waterford OL, Mistress Felice d'Avignon OL, Master Varndel Lynchea OP, Mistress Heilwich Gertz OL/OP,
Current interests: 
Late 15th/Early C16th Spain. Spain... more Spain and a bit about Spain. You all need to join SCA Iberia on Facebook. Costuming, Heraldic Display, Calligraphy and Illumination, Music, Making the SCA a more vibrant and fun place to be.
Current group: 
Saint Florian de la Riviere
Gules, a cross of Santiago argent and a bordure argent crescenty sable.
Current level of activity: