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Baroness Teffania de Tuckerton

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Personal Information

Major fields: 
Research, 12th C lifestyle, Textiles
Elevated at 12th Night on the 12th January 2013 by Henri and Beatrice
Current apprentices: 
Past apprentices: 
Current interests: 
Trying to find out how ordinary everyday life was conducted in the 12th Century (e.g. did they use toiletpaper?) including trying out practices and objects where possible. Playing with string, specifically recreating fibrearts such as fingerloop braiding, tabletweaving, and knotting. Investigating the cut and construction of clothing, especially that of 12th C western Europe, which inevitably results in some making of clothing just to test my ideas. I also enjoy dancing, cooking and a range of other activities, and often find these interacting with my joy in doing research - you're more likely to find me comparing 3 recipes for french toast or reconstructing a pavanne from original sources than trying something really complicated.
Current group: 
Krae Glas
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