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Master Drake Morgan

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Personal Information

I'm Drake... You might know me from such stories as "the guy who put a leathermaking awl through his scotum" or "that guy who accidentally ate hemlock" or "isn't that the guy who glued his butt-cheeks together making a sotoltie?"...

Currently ruinously occupying the seat of Baron, Saint Florian de la Riviere...

Major fields: 
Brewing, Eastern Cooking as a Secondary.
Elevated November 2002 by King Alfar and Queen Gudrun
Current apprentices: 
Natalia Vladimirova'doch, Dafydd ap Iorwerth ap Rhodri de dena, Elena le Breustere, Aldwin Seguin, Aeschine of Arran, Buz Davydov
Current interests: 
The Jolly Duke Tavern, getting riotiously drunk and calling the king a fink, and injuring myself in unusual fashion. Running a barony, middle ages brewing, middle east/central asian/far asian cookery.
Current group: 
Saint Florian de la Riviere
Or, a chevron purpure between two ducks close and a dragon segreant sable.
Current level of activity: