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Maestra Oonagh O'Neill

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Personal Information

Oonagh is an Irish woman who found herself living in C16 Venice with a passion for the beautiful dress and all the pretties.
Now Oonagh is having fun doing whatever she wants as the mood takes her (and time permits). This means Norse cultures are being explored.

Deb is a textile conservator, wife, mother and faery.

Major fields: 
C16 Venetian women's dress and accessories, research and teaching of textiles and related areas.
Elevated to the Order of the Laurel AS XXXVIII 11 April 2004 Rowany Festival by their Majesties Aedward and Yolande , King and Queen of Lochac
Current apprentices: 
Lady Agneta Loredan de Rovigo (Having a Life)
Current interests: 
While I am formally recognised for my research and recreation of patrician women's dress and accessories of mid to late C16 Venice, I have extended myself to earlier dress also. Roman, Norse, Baltic, and Rus cultures especially are my current focuses. I am looking at researching and recreating other earlier dress soon. I am enjoying recreating as much of the women's work of the Viking age as is possible for me. That said I am relearning, spinning and teaching myself tablet weaving, nålbinding, felting, snodgafffel, and just about anything with fibre really. Wire, that's a fibre, right? Some metalwork and that other fibre, wood. Yes, wood is a fibre, and I have been playing with wood also. Glass. Ok, not a fibre. Well, you can string beads. So still fibre related. Currently, I am enjoying the freedom of not being attached to any group. I still research and teach what I have learned to those interested, whoever they may be. Motto: If it's not fun, don't do it.
Current group: 
here be dragons
If it's not fun, don't do it.
Current level of activity: 
Occasionally Active