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Adib Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí

Adib Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí's picture

Personal Information

Adib ibn Jelal began his SCA career in Dismal Fogs, experiencing the corrupting influences of Dede Kilic and Master Giles in the art of getting it right. After heavily dabbling for years with the art and culture of the Middle East, ibn Jelal discovered period fencing, which began an obsession that has consumed him for more than a decade. He was one of the first two people to play a proper prize in Lochac, and the first person in Lochac to play a Guildmaster's Prize, going on to become the first Lord Guildmaster for Lochac's Royal Guild of Defence. He is also the premier member of the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac. He seems to be making it a habit of being the first in various fencing endeavours. When not terrorising fencing students, ibn Jelal can be found enjoying a quiet drink and good food with his friends.

Major fields: 
Italian Renaissance Swordplay
Adib ibn Jelal was elevated at the Rowany Yule Feast by TRM Leanore and Edmund in AS XLV (2010).
Current apprentices: 
ibn Jelal doesn't take apprentices
Past apprentices: 
Current interests: 
The spada fencing system of Antonio Manciolino. The rapier fencing systems of Nicoletto Giganti, Ridolfo Capoferro and Salvator Fabris. 16th century clothing and armour systems, and their application to the combat fields. Clothing of the Middle East Middle-Eastern tent forms You can find articles on his current & past interests not related to fencing at <a href=""></a>. All his fencing related stuff is at the website listed below.
Current group: 
Per fess vert and bendy sinister Or and purpure, in chief a crescent Or
Current level of activity: