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Mistress Marie de Lyon

Personal Information

Marie was born in Lyon during the Early 15th C, to a middle class family of merchants in the export trade. She is currently married to a Prussian merchant adventurer and pursuing her studies while travelling across Europe and England.

Major fields: 
Research, Food and Feasting
Laurel given by Berenger I and Bethan I, on 24 May 2008, at Flametree Ball X
Past apprentices: 
Mistress Tigriana La Joyera
Current interests: 
Research into anything that captures her attention. Food and feasting is an ongoing obsession; at the moment the focus is on how food was presented and consumed, food fashions, as well as social and cultural context of dining during the later periods. Gloving research is currently focused on the construction of hand protection used in different trades. Jewellery research is currently moving from design philosophy to the practical application of period techniques that aren't completely lethal with Mistress Tigriana. Medical practices is currently focused on the health fads and replication of some of the less lethal domestic cures used in the middle and lower classes of the 15th Century with Mistress Phillipa and Master Alex (and no, there will be no clinical trials).
Current group: 
Or semy of suns azure
Current level of activity: 
Occasionally Active