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Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne

Personal Information

Mistress Madelaine was one of the first two laurels in Lochac; she and Mistress Rowan share this honour. She writes: 'I was presented with a Laurel medallion by King William the Lucky on April 19th, 1984. It was late in the evening, at home in the livingroom (in Numeralla, NSW), with King William, Queen Joanne, Mistress Hilary of Serendip and Lord Hrolf. This is because William rightly guessed I was too close to childbirth to travel to Rowany for the Harvest Feast the following weekend. No ceremony or Promises were done because I had no idea it was going to happen (there were no resident Laurels in Lochac at the time) and I wanted my close friends to see it announced at the feast. Three years later (April '87) King William and Queen Joanne returned to Lochac for another Royal visit, this time to the Rowany Festival, where I took part in a full ceremony with the Fealty Oath & Promises etc as a 'reaffirmation'.'

Major fields: 
Spinning wool and crewel embroidery
Laurel given by William II and Joanne I, on 14 April 1984.
Current apprentices: 
Baroness Miriam de Mont Noir. Miriam spins wool fibre, loves dance and practises natural animal husbandry (herbal drenches, garlic worming etc.) on her farm animals.
Current interests: 
On returning to study at University art school in Hobart, she has developed an interest in ceramics, and is currently working on some period pottery (to be sold at the Rowany Festival). She also enjoys illumination when the mood takes her. She also enjoys embellishing Byzantine garb.
Current group: 
Ynys Fawr
Per pale or and gules, a squirrel sejent erect guardant sable, maintaining in its dexter forpaw a drop spindle proper, and a chief semi de lys counterchanged
Current level of activity: