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Mistress Esla of Ifeld

Personal Information

Esla is the eldest daughter of a South Saxon land owner. She loves beautiful jewelry and the magic of the feast hall, yet is more interested in practicalities than frivolities. Never learnt all the proper female skills (some say doubtless due to having a male name) but nevertheless a competent housekeeper. Found the current middle ages in AS 21 and considers it to be a wonderous place, with many things to see and do, even if some of her new friends have strange clothes and different manners. Has found great pleasure (and a husband) in organising feasts. Has had the privilige to serve Crown, Coronet and populace in many ways, including as feastocrat, autocrat, Landed Baroness (Innilgard) and as a Peer. Sue Carter is a Quality Assurance Manager in Food and Beverage Manufacturing, with too many books and too little time.

Major fields: 
Cooking, recipies, sotelties, feasts
Mistress Esla recieved her Laurel in August of AS XXVI(1991)from Reynadine and Eleanor on behalf of Stephen and Niobe. She is also a Pelican (AS32 by Uther and Tanwen)
Past apprentices: 
Lady Leofwyn Wulfinga
Current interests: 
Cooking using firepits, Roman and Greek menues, upgrading my clothing/accessories (Anglo Saxon).
Current group: 
Argent, a chevron vert between three acorns proper, all within a bordure sable
Current level of activity: