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Mistress katherine kerr of the Hermitage

Personal Information

I am a Scottish Borderer, born in Venice of an Italian mother and Scottish mercenary. My father took me home with him as a young child when my mother died, and I grew up in the Border fortress of the Hermitage. I went to live in Edinburgh, and the year in common reckoning is 1566, with mary Stuart on the throne of Scotland (though not for much longer I'd wager, given her behaviour...

I've been in the Laurel Kingdoms for the past 25 years, living under the crescent moons of Caid and latterly in Lochac as a Crescent Islander.

Major fields: 
Reproduction of period printed materials
Elevated by Gabriel and Constanzia at Canterbury Faire in Southron Gaard, A.S. XLV
Current apprentices: 
None. I prefer to be free to help all who ask me.
Current interests: 
I have a wide-ranging set of interests, including bardic arts, persona development (focusing on 16th century Scotland), cartography, handwriting (NB not so much scribal arts), and period communications.
Current group: 
Southron Gaard
Per chevron embattled gules and azure, two curs' heads couped argent collared sable and a tower argent
Current level of activity: