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ffrw ffride wlffsdotter

Personal Information

Major fields: 
Viking Age research
Elevated at 12th Night, on the 12th of January 2013 by King Felix and Queen Eva
Current apprentices: 
Wintherus Alban
Past apprentices: 
Brían dorcha ua Conaill
Current interests: 
Clothing of Viking Age Norsewomen, especially the outer layers like shawls, cloaks, coats and trained garments, and the clothing of neighbouring Baltic cultures. Early- to mid-Joseon (Chosŏn/Chosun) Dynasty Korean culture, especially clothes and recreation activities. Monastic signed lexicons, manual alphabets and gesture-based mnemonics is also a nice, big area of interest. I have also recently discovered the joy of historic naming practices, and personal names. What fun!
Current group: 
Gules, three furisons and a bordure Or.
Current level of activity: 
Occasionally Active