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Master Ulfgar the Unspeakable

Personal Information

Late fifteenth century, English Calais. 1475 ish...... Noble by birth but not by inheritance, survives by running a growing merchant empire. Originally a self tryled rake about town, now kept on the straight and narrow by his lady, Carolina 'd Espagne and a bunch of apprentices-come-family who are too big for their boots by 'arf.

Major fields: 
Woodwork major, 'The feasting experience' minor
Master Ulfgar was laurelled at the St Sebastians Day Feast in St Florian de la Riviere on the 21st of January in ASXXXIII(2000). And it was bloody hot!!!
Current apprentices: 
Lady Claudia de Bercy, Senior journeyman. Lord Lyal the Philosopher, Journeyman. Lord Karl von Ander, apprentice
Current interests: 
Woodwork, leatherwork, fifteenth century campcraft, accoutrements, high court table manners, preaching against the evils of apathy and mundanity.
Current group: 
Saint Florian de la Riviere
A cockerel Or on a field of counter ermine, embattled a bordure Argent
Current level of activity: