Laurel Prize 2012

In 2012 we took some more photos of the people and work on display at Laurel Prize run in the Great Hall at Rowany Festival. Here you can see the first hour of Laurel Prize where Laurels get to view and discuss the work of non-Laurels. In the second hour the general populace are invited to attend and see what is on show.

In addition to the Laurel Prize at Festival 2012, there was a research and documentation competition. The winners of that competition (it was a 2-way tie) were: Antonia di Lorenzo and Ásfríðr Úlfvíðardóttir

Brewing by Elena le Breustere

Elena gave tastes of her 15thC and 1669 brews.

Camping Equipment by Wulfwine o' Grimwald

Wulfwine shows off his tent and chair. He also had various other Dark-ages items of display.

Celtic Designs by Bran

Bran showing his dark-ages celtic design-work on wood and leather.

Fishing Flies by Jon Dai of the Lane

Jon has been working on 15thC fishing flies from "A Treatyse of Fyssynge Wth an Angle".

Gauntlet by Alfgeirr Agnarsson

Alfgeir has made a 15thC Milanese mitten gauntlet.

Gesso Work by Antonia di Lorenzo

Antonia is working on making a helmet crest and parade shield.

Lighting by Eleanor of Cathenes

Eleanor showed her experiments with rush pith and wax.

Pewter buttons ad Ypocras by Padraig Lowther

Padraig Lowther has been casting pewter for a couple of years and brewing for 10 years.

Preserved Food by Leoba of Ithingdun

Leoba showing her experiments in preserving meat and vegetables.