Laurel Prize 2013

Laurel Prize at Rowany Festival in 2013 was rather busy, with excellent work on display. Again we managed to get some photos for posterity.

Adeline de Montfort - Bestiary 2013

Adeline de Montfort's Bestiary in Latin, English C.1290, based on Aberdeen and Bodley 764.

Angus Macdougall - Roman Necklace 2013

Angus Macdougall from Mordenvale shows his 1st centrury Roman neclace - his first go at a new craft.

Antoinette Travallie - Plates 2013

Antoinette Travallie with 12thC Syrian underglaze plates.

Bess of Buckland - Underpants 2013

Bess of Buckland with her underwear model.

Bran - Celtic Designs 2013

Bran from St Florians with celtic designs.

Catalina de Gata - Swete Bag 2013

Catalina de Gata from Aneala with a 16thC swete bag she is making.

Christine Bess Puvaint - Doublet, Jerkin and hose 2013

Christine Bess Puvaint with her 1595 doublet, jerkin and hose, based off a portrait of George Silver.

Elena le Breustere - Assorted Brews 2013

Elena le Breuster from Innilgard gave tastings of bachet, quina wine, metheglin with various fruits, and honey rosat liqueur.

Elizabet Hunter - Research and planning for a period silk banner

Elizabet Hunter with her research and planning for making a period silk banner, part of her work as a Queen's Artisan.

Helouys le Poer - Caligraphy 2013

Helouys le Poer with her caligraphy on the topic of lemons.

Iseabail - Brewing Technique Experiments 2013

Iseabail with white meathe, stawberry wine (brewed in a linnen bag) , bouchet (using caramelised honey), lemmon mead (with herbs) and a small currants wine.

Jon Dai of the Lane - Bonsai 2013

Jon Dai of the Lane with Asian bonsai.

Karl von Ander - Engraving, Chasing and Repousse 2013

Karl von Ander's engraving, chasing and repousse.

Katherine Alicia of Sarum - French Book 2013

Katherine Alicia of Sarum with her book of 1100 to 1400 French illumination work.

Kit Hackforth - Blade Smithing 2013

Kit Hackforth with the blades he has made.

Kitan von Falkenburg - Repousse and Chaced Armour 2013

Kitan von Falkenburg with repousse and chaced armour .

Leoba of Lecelad - Anglosaxon clothing 2013

Leoba of Lecelad with Anglosaxon clothing based on Grave 77 of Butler's Field in Gloucestershire.

Lilya - Persian pirahan 2013

Lilya with a 14-15th century Persian pirahan.

Miriam bat Shimean - Embroidery 2013

Miriam bat Shimean with Mumluk embroidered sleeve and handkerchief and unfinished head scarf based on Egyptian museum pieces.

Paul de la Ville - Shawm 2013

Paul de la Ville with musical instruments he has made, including a shawm.

Rose Pennynton - Couched Panel 2013

Rose Pennynton of Abertridwr had this couched panel of Italian dress on display.

Ruric - Mash Brewing 2013

Ruric with his mash brewing over a fire.

Seamus O'Seamuis - Jacket 2013

Seamus O'Seamuis from Aneala with a jacket.